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It’s a foggy Sunday afternoon here in Buda. Where we live, we have a good view of the city. On a clear day we would be able to see the parliament. However, with the kind of weather we are having right now, the building is totally enshrouded. On days like this, for me, it is just good to be at home and focus on learning (other than housework) something.

My morning was spent doing some HTML & CSS lessons. Yes, I have started to learn these from end of January. Though, to be totally honest I had learnt some HTML basics long time ago. But I could hardly remember much. I was using the Freecodecamp lessons in the beginning but currently supplementing it with Head First book on the subject. So I have been making, tweaking and doing some hands-on projects for a few weeks now and uploaded them on my projects site.

I’ve been wanting to pursue this for a long while but I just doubted myself due to my age and ability, also whether it is a good move. Seeing that, whether I start or not, I don’t have any other plans in regards to what I would do as a career in 5 to 10 years from now, plus I am getting older no matter if I do it or not. Might as well, do it and see where this will lead me. It’s better than spending my free time watching youtube on what other people are doing with their lives instead of focusing on expanding mine. Hence, that’s when I just made up my mind to start making it as a daily thing.

Everyday after work, it’s usually guitar, Hungarian and coding. Usually in that order. In between spending some time with family and doing other small stuff, I’d finish around midnight or 1 am. Some days easier than others. When I just didn’t have the energy or the back to sit at the computer (after long hours of sitting working in the day), I just go read the coding book in bed and think about what I can do to fix certain problems I was facing with the html or css. And for sure the next day I’d do what I planned to try. Even trying out certain things during lunch break at work.

I know there are loads to learn and some days when I look at the ‘roadmap’ on what to learn to be a ‘Front-end web dev’ I’d feel disheartened slightly. But just like playing the guitar, it is all about enjoying the process. I just do what I can every single day.

Do I have a target of when I would like to be able to finish this? Well, 3-4 months on CSS and 3-4 month with Javascript/jquery etc. It could take longer but that is just my own estimation for now. From there I’d see what else I can learn.

I do this as a plan B in any case if I have to find somewhere else to work or when I need a change, I’ve something to lean back on. I am rather comfortable right now in regards to work, but you can never let yourself be too comfortable. Further it is good practice for the brain.

So that’s it. That’s what I have been up to recently. I may update more on this later on. We shall see. But for sure I will keep up uploading my projects online.

Thanks for reading. 🙂

Author: Syari

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