Fully vaxxed

After 3 months of waiting, I finally got my 2nd dose of AZ last Thursday. The after shot symptoms were milder than the first time. I can’t say if it was because it was a 2nd dose or because I took some painkillers (paracetamol) as soon as I felt the symptoms kicking in.

The first time, I was afraid to take anything to lessen the pains and aches. So I suffered throughout the night and was only able to sleep after I took some painkillers right before dawn. This time around, I took it right before I go to bed that night when I started feeling the headache and body ache.

So I got the second dose of vaccine, now what? I is time to get back to work in the office full time. I enjoyed working from home even though I missed my colleagues. But working from home, saved about 2 hours of commuting time. I suppose it is back to utilizing the commuting time with something productive. Hmm… 👀

Life in Hungary has gone back to pre-covid Рno masks and all businesses were open as normal. We were out last Wednesday evening. Walked down to a place called Sz̩na t̩r where they have some bistros and cafes. The street was buzzing with people. They were all enjoying the food, drinks and chatting with friends. It was easy to forget that months ago we were under some restrictions and somewhat afraid of getting the virus.

Due to the Delta variant, those who already had their 2nd dose of vaccine 3 months prior are allowed to apply for a third vaccination. I haven’t decided if I’d take it. I’m not so much of a fan of getting myself injected every few months and I’d avoid it if I can help it. I would wait and see if there would be more cases. If it stays the same as it is now, then I would rather not go for it.

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