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Spring brunch waiting to sprout leaves
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It has been a while.

I have been busy as usual with life. Since the last time I wrote, some new things did happen. Perhaps…

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Covid sucks

As soon as I got my home office and holiday approved, guess what came knocking on my door if not…

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Up my Mandarin learning game

Today I took the first Mandarin lesson on preply. I have been learning for years but my speaking ability is…

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Otome games and Bustafellows

What is Otome you ask? It is an adventure or visual novel games that are mainly targeted towards the female gamers. Lots of story and steamy romance.

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It was Thursday evening when I started to feel unwell. Body-ache and chill but not fever what so ever. Despite…

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We bought a house

It’s amazing how things work sometimes. While I was missing in action here, things were happening in real life. 😀…

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Fully vaxxed

After 3 months of waiting, I finally got my 2nd dose of AZ last Thursday. The after shot symptoms were…

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Farewell Kiki

Our little bunny breathed his last on the 22nd of June 2021. He was short by a few months to…

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Covid Vaccine

I had my first dose of the AstraZeneca vaccine last Thursday after holding off for sometime since I was waiting…

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Life update

It’s a foggy Sunday afternoon here in Buda. Where we live, we have a good view of the city. On…