You were born rich review (Part 1)

About 4 days ago my husband and I started to watch ‘You were born rich’ collection of seminars uploaded by Bob Proctor. He is very convincing and one heck of a sales man I have to admit that.Β  I bet he can sell a toothpick to someone who wasn’t even looking to buy one in the first place, and would make that person feel like it was the best decision ever to buy that toothpick. πŸ˜†

So we are currently up to the 3rd part of the program. I downloaded the workbook and printed them out for both of us and started to work on the exercises. At first there was this deep feeling of doubt, I have to say that once in a while the feeling do pop up again, and I pushed such thoughts and feelings away every time. This is the conditioning that I would like to get rid off.Β 

Each part lasts for almost 2 hours. Longer than your average movie but we were riveted from beginning to the end. So engaging and thought-provoking. There were many aha! moments. I don’t regret watching and spending 2 hours of my evenings for this. I might even cancel my Netflix account and just watch this kind of programs on Youtube every single day.

We will be watching the 4th part today evening and I am already looking forward to it. My husband is not so enthusiastic but he is willing. I realize, knowing and understanding is very different. According to him it is not so much about watching all the time but practicing. He is right, no doubt, but as Mr. Proctor and numerous other speakers said, there is a power in repetition. I try to follow and practice what was suggested and I still want to fill up my mind with just these sort of programs and books everyday.

The plan is to watch the program till the end and repeat it again. I’ll be back again on my thoughts after that.

So you don’t have to look further if you are interested, here are the links to the resources:

Check out the videos: You were born rich.
The work book: You Were Born Rich seminar Workbook
The book: You Were Born Rich Book

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