“There is a season to sow, there is a season to reap. But not do both in the same season.” I believe other than non-belief, impatience is another big factor why people do not gain the benefit of “Think and grow rich”, “The law of attraction”, “The secret” or what ever name people come up with to name this.

If I want to be honest I was one of them. It has been 3 weeks now that I have started doing this ‘LOA’ practice and so far I have not seen any huge difference yet. Well, despite the world situation we are all in right now, I still have my job, still earning the same and can save some. I am extremely grateful. But that was the same even when I wasn’t doing this exercises. I was expecting the same mind blowing change that I’ve read. Like dreaming up the numbers of the Eurojackpot, or unknown inheritance coming my way, or getting to move into that dream house. Non of those. YET.🤣

But I suppose there is a deeper conditioning that caused me to vibrate at a different vibration than those people who are able to get quicker results. Or perhaps they just worked on it longer and just didn’t realize it. Anyhow, even if the awaited big event didn’t happen, the one result that comes first as soon as you start the practices is the positive feelings. You feel better as you are in control of what you want to think. So just handle one day at a time, handle one habit a day at time, do one thing better one day at a time. ONE DAY AT A TIME. I am sure the Universe is putting the puzzles behind the scenes right now for me at this moment as I am typing this.

If you are trying to manifest something good in your life and somehow you stumbled upon this. We are in this together and don’t lose hope, be patient and continue. Let’s do it one day at a time, let go and let the Universe/God/Source handle the rest. Positive energy to you!

Author: Syari

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