Goal setting

I am not going to talk about how to set goals and achieving them. I don’t pretend to be an expert on this particular subject. I just wanted to write about my own realization on this. About how something so simple, yet so powerful is overlooked by many. Me and my family included. Some people are lucky as this habit comes naturally to them as this was what was conditioned to them at an early age by their environment.

I grew up in a family that never had any goals so we were not taught about how to set and achieve them in our daily lives. I suppose we were what people would call, ‘on cruise mode’ for the most part of our lives. I got my degree yes, I took up courses yes, but I never thought about the bigger picture of why I did them. Alright, those are the things that somewhat benefit me in my daily life, however they were not specific enough to help me get to the point of having a better financial situation.

It has been 3 weeks since the time we started our mind shifting program in this house. No financial breakthrough, or movie worthy miracle, but this realization is worth something. Without a doubt.

If I want to be totally honest, I started this journey a bit way ahead than 3 weeks but dropped off a little bit. I started in February. That was when I took up an excel course in Coursera which is beneficial for my daily work, and I registered myself to a driving school. I had been procrastinating to take up a Hungarian driving licence for a very long time. Let’s say 12 years? I know I need to have a driving licence as it would open up my world and be more independent. Yesterday, I made a decision to register myself for the language exam that I have put off for years as well. Do these make me feel uncomfortable. Heck yeah. But it is to be expected. However, I am just done with comfort as it only pulled me back and kept me where I am for years.

If there is something you don’t like about your life, take action and change something about the daily things that you do in life. Set goals and stick to them. Good luck to us!


Author: Syari

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