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I decided to pick up the guitar again on the 24th of February 2019 and have been playing since then. I self taught myself for more than a year and I don’t think I have improved in a way that I would like to or than I should have. If my calculations is correct, perhaps I have been practicing for about 150 hours. It’s ‘meh’ I know considering to master a skill you would need at least 10,000 hours. ( I read that somewhere). Looking at it that way, I really need to get serious.

It is not easy to have more practice time when I had to be out the door by 8 in the morning at get home at almost 7 pm. Last year I also went to Yoga classes every other day. So I managed to squeeze in 20 minutes the least everyday playing the songs I like. I just didn’t have a structure.

I insert a sound clip I recorded of myself on day 2 of practice. It was a G, D, A and C chord practice. Trying to play “Knock on heaven’s door”. ( you might want to adjust the volume first if you want to listen)

And below a clip after 8 month progress.

Alright it is not the latest progress, seeing that it has been more than a year now since I started. I didn’t take any other progress videos since this one.

A couple of weeks ago my husband subscribed to Guitartricks. I tried it last evening for the first time from the beginning. And for the first time I feel like there is some sort of structure in my practice. Still can’t beat a face to face guitar teacher I know, but better than nothing.

Now I realized that self teaching has its hazards – picking up bad habits and not knowing where to go to progress. So much so progress is extremely slow. ( in my opinion)

I will give the site a go and will come back with my progress report in time.

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