5th day – Guitar Tricks

After one year of starting the guitar, and only for the past 5 days I have started to take practicing seriously I just felt a slight regret that I didn’t start doing a more structured guitar practice earlier. But on a positive side, at least I am fixing that now. Next year Syari would be thankful. Also it is not a total waste as I got to learn to strum some songs and I had enjoyed it.

I started back from the fundamentals of guitar and I have been treating the online lessons as a real guitar class. 30 minutes after work is over, I would pick up the guitar and practice for a minimum of an hour without any distractions.

I used to be one of those people who thought that “There are so many free lessons on youtube”. Which is true and that was how I started learning. But learning from youtube would mean.

  1. I didn’t know what I should know.
  2. Way too much information.
  3. I get distracted a lot with so many options and other irrelevant videos.
Syari practicing “Five Miles Out”

This is what I’ve been practicing today. I have been focusing on chords since day one. So I had little to no practice of getting single notes down. And guitar pick was a no no back then. That all changed.

So 5th day of Guitar Tricks and totally loving it. They have so many tutors depending on the level and genre. Since I am still on “Guitar Fundamentals” Lisa McCormick is my tutor right now. 😊 She’s a lovely guitar teacher and though it is not a personal one on one lesson, but I felt encouraged to continue everyday.

I will keep at it and I’ll revisit this topic after a month.

Author: Syari

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