Visualize and Grow Rich

The first time I came across the book “Think and Grow rich” was perhaps in my teens. My father had a copy of it. For some they could read a book and yet not grasp the idea that it is trying to convey when for some people it changed their lives for the better.

Downloading it to my kindle weeks back, going through it the second time, I was trying to figure out what is it that people swore by that changed their lives.

The secret, Science of getting rich, Think and grow rich, The power of your subconscious mind, Pray and grow rich – They all convey one idea. That is – What you focus on with your mind and believe it with all your heart you will eventually get it. You visualize what you want to happen in your life and believe it that so much so you feel it happening, that you are motivated to take the necessary steps and prepare for it to happen. Sound so simple that many people take it as a hoax. But the truth is that, it is simple as that, yet what is blocking people from achieving this is the self image, their paradigm, habits, or self beliefs – all formed subconsciously throughout their lives. This is the tough part.

When a man cannot see himself rich, he cannot be rich as when he cannot see himself rich it is unlikely he would take the actions needed to make him rich. Not saying that he won’t work hard but perhaps he wouldn’t charge enough for his services or he would not be as motivated to upgrade himself for a better job or position.

Everything starts in the mind. From the clothes we wear to the chair we sit on. Someone has to see it in his or her mind before turning them into physical things that we can touch and hold in the material world.

So it is not a hoax. It is just that people are too lazy to ‘think’ or imagine. I was one of those people. Perhaps there were times when I used this method of visualizing but didn’t realize that it is working in my life. I say this because there were things that I desired in the past and they did happen. And I am grateful for those things. And there were also the bad things that I brought into my life. Are they mere coincidences? I don’t think so.

I have a lot to work on myself in regards to self-image. I didn’t like myself, and I focused my mental energy on the wrong things. For me, this wrong self image comes in the from of depression, and self doubt, and being judgmental towards others. And it is a bad cycle to be in.

All those self help books mentioned that, first thing is to clear up the subconscious of the ‘bad talk’. And here the thinking comes in. When you feel bad, think about what or why you feel that way and consciously, shift the way of thinking by finding the good in everything. It takes practice and work. I am not entirely out of the woods yet but I am getting there. I just know it.

So, if you happen to be trying to find a way to change your life. Start with the way you think. Envision the person you want to be in your mind and change the way you do things that are taking you away from your dreams.

Let us stop sabotaging ourselves further. 👍

Author: Syari

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