Out of self isolation.

It has been a week since I got back to the office. That was since the Hungarian government announced the loosening of the social distancing rules in Budapest because there aren’t enough infected to justify the closing of the businesses any longer. As of today there are 1565 active cases including 28 new cases. Death rate is about 13 %. Perhaps we did well to immediately make people to stay home 2 months ago. At that time, seeing how the Italians had 600 – 800 hundred deaths a day, people were afraid. Nevertheless, there are still people who were saying that nothing will happen – “It’s just another flu”. And now even more denial of the existence of the flu because of the low infection rate and people are tired of being home.

So what is the current situation right now? Everyday I only see about 6-7 people on the bus with me in the mornings. About the same on the Hรฉv trains. But with a bit more people on the tram. As for the buiding that I work in, perhaps the only company where everyone is required to be in the office is mine.

Anyway, I do my part to keep safe while going back to normalcy.

Stay safe!!

Author: Syari

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