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Currently I am learning Mandarin, Hungarian and recently Spanish. I have to learn Hungarian seeing that I am living in Hungary. Well, I have been learning the language on and off. It is indeed not an easy language to learn. I am not giving it up just taking my time. πŸ˜†

I learn mandarin because I am working in a chinese company. As for Spanish, I just did it out of curiosity on duolingo and seeing how much easier it is to learn it as an English speaker, I decided to continue. Plus I’d like to go to Spain next year.

For Mandarin, I am on HSK level 3 at the moment and my Hungarian level is at best B2. Spanish is level 0. 😁 People say it is still okay to learn more than one language as long as they are not so closely related. And these 3 languages are very different indeed.

Since my time is limited, for the past weeks my study plan had been like this: Enroute to and from work on Duolingo – Spanish. During break time at the workplace, Mandarin ( I enrolled on coursera the HSK 3 preparation course). Hungarian is only during weekends with “MagyarOK’ workbooks.

Looking at how I spend my time with guitar practice and lessons, my days are indeed busy.

Anyway, 加油to me. εŠ ζ²Ήθ°’η‘žγ€‚ 😁

Author: Syari

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