Hungarian Driving Licence – Part II

So the day finally came for me to take the real theory exam for the driving licence. From the day of informing the driving school I was given a date which was about 2 weeks later. It was at one of the many centers that they have here in Budapest. This one was in the 11th district, which took me about an hour or so to get to by public transportation.

I arrived about 20 minutes early. It was quite easy to find the place. When I arrived there were 3 others waiting. And as the time came closer to the examination time, more arrived. There were about 21 of us a mix of Hungarian and foreigners. When the time came, the exam conductor came out of the room and started to address us in Hungarian, totally disregarding that most of us do not speak any Hungarian at all. But I guess it didn’t matter. She went inside and sat down at a desk which is pretty near to the entrance and started to call names. One by one, we entered. Showed our ‘Személy igázolvány’ or Personal identity cards. We each were assigned to a specific computer. There were about 24 computers all facing towards to wall with partitions so that the person next to you won’t be able to see what you are doing. Which means there was a space in the middle of the room. The computers we touch screen ones – no keyboards or mouse to deal with. Mine was number 8. I was thinking that should be a lucky number. 😀 Anyway, once everyone sat down, the exam conductor gave a bit of instruction and details of the test. Then we started. The questions were exactly as the ones that I did with the online computerized theory course. Though I could do better doing the mock exams 20-30 times, with this one I missed a few questions. Which was a very silly mistake, not that I didn’t know the answers, but answers that I knew but didn’t take my time to look more. Despite that, I did pass.

So what’s next? It is the 2 hour compulsory driving lesson and 1 hour practical exam. I feel that I would need more that the 2 hours for sure. I have yet to book for schedule with the driving instructor(s). One I called and I was told the earliest she could give is about a month from now. No wonder it would take months to get the licence done.

I will give them a call tomorrow and arrange everything by next week. Hopefully the next time I write about this topic again it will also about me getting the licence. 🙂 Till then… ✌

Author: Syari

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