My humble guitar collection

I am just a beginner guitar player and yet I have four guitars. Two were given to me as a Christmas gift by my husband. One was bought by myself and the fourth was bought with money given to me for Christmas which I topped up with my own money – it is by far the most expensive in my small collection.

A little bit of history on why I have four guitars even as a beginner. πŸ™‚ When I got my first guitar in 2008, it was bought by my husband. I had zero knowledge and I didn’t know how to google about it much back then. He got me a Fender CD60 in sunburst.

Fender CD 60 Sunburst v.1

I was not sure if it was his choice or suggested by the sales guy. I was self learning back then as well. And I didn’t expect that my fingers would hurt so much. Even now I think the action ( the gap between the strings and the neck) is a bit too high. So a total clueless beginner that was a bummer. I decided it was not for me and after a couple of months playing it stayed hanging on the wall for years.

Cort AC12 Nat

Then I decided that maybe a nylon stringed guitar would be easier on my fingers. So Christmas 2013, I got a Cort AC12 in Natural, Classical guitar. It was easy on the fingertips alright, but the neck was so broad that I couldn’t reach so many notes. I blamed my short fingers and yielded to my fate of to never play the guitar due to my short fingers. πŸ˜€ So my guitar playing days ended after another couple of months.

Cort ADmini

Fast forward to 2019 February, a few months after the death of my father, in fighting depression I picked up the guitar again. I started back with the Fender. After 2 months of playing, I decided to get a smaller guitar with lower string action. I bought a Cort ADmini in mahagony. The 3/4 size is just so comfortable in my arms that I fell in love with guitar playing all over. I switched between the Fender and the Cort mini ever since. Though I loved playing the Cort mini, the sound on the Fender is better and I noticed that if I played on the Cort mini too much and neglected practicing on the Fender, the calluses on my fingers would soften a little and that would make it hurt again. Hence to make sure I get strength practice and thicken my calluses, I alternate the guitars. And for some fingerstyle songs I do prefer to play on my classical guitar.

Now the forth guitar is an electric one. After a lot of research I got myself an Epiphone Les Paul Tribute plus in wine red. I love the guitar, but I realized that I am more of an acoustic guitar player. It is still not a waste as my husband is playing it. 😁 He is the electric guitar person. I will one day go back into playing the electric one once perhaps when I am over the beginner stage. πŸ˜€ Playing the Canon D Rock is still on my “To play” bucket list. πŸ™‚

Epiphone Les Paul Tribute plus Wine Red

Is this the end of my guitar buying days? Far from it. πŸ˜€ Ask any guitar fans and they would all say that you can never really have enough guitars. I am looking into getting a Fender CN140sce for the nylon strings but without the broad neck and as a bonus the electronics – I am hoping I can plug it on to an amp or record directly to my computer someday.

To be honest, I do feel that it is better to have one or two guitar that you use frequently rather than 4-5 guitars. It is just through trial and error that I have more than one guitar but I do learn a lot from it and I do love all my guitars. πŸ™‚

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