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Cort CEC5

A new member of my tiny guitar collection – Cort Cec5. It took me about 5 months to finally decide to get this. I wanted a nylon stringed guitar, solid cedar top, slim body, slim neck, venetian cut and comes with electronic pickups. It also has to come within the budget that I was given. Sponsored by my supportive husband – he gave me the money for it. 😁 I could top-up myself and get a bit more expensive brother or sister to this which is the CEC7 that comes with Pau ferro sides and back but I thought this would suit me just fine.

I got this in mid Nov from one of the local music stores in Budapest. I got my Epi Les Paul tribute plus through them too. But this time I ordered the guitar online and it was also delivered to me instead of us going there to check it out physically. It was a gamble but I viewed so many reviews on the guitar that I dared to take the plunge, and I wasn’t and still am not disappointed for my choice.

For sound, same guitar I’ve used here in this blog post.

I am afraid that the sound recording didn’t do it justice. Even as a non-expert I know that it sounds rather good in real life. I have a classical guitar with spruce top for comparison. The CEC5 rosewood cedar solid top does give out a mellower sound.

Besides the sound, I love the beautiful shape and slim body. Feels really comfortable to hold. Not to forget one of the must-have criteria when I chose the guitar was the width of the nut (or neck). The average classical guitar nut width is about 50mm while a normal sized steel stringed acoustic is about 43mm, at least my dreadnaught Fender CD60’s is around that. 50mm is rather uncomfortable for me, so I was glad to find this nylon classical with 45mm nut width. Seems very little difference but when I held it, I reeeaaaally could feel the difference. Did I mention how much I adore the shape of it? πŸ˜‰ I think it is one of the deciding factors for me. I had the Fender 140SCE in mind at first but I didn’t like the shape compared to the Cort. Getting a guitar that you love to look at is very important you know. πŸ˜„

They say that a good solid top guitar will sound better in time. As the wood age and dry it will give out a better sound. We shall see with this one. I just hope I’d live long enough to enjoy it. πŸ˜€ And hope to have a grandchild one day who would be happy to inherit it from me.

So there it is. If you ever consider of getting it, I’d recommend it for sure. (I’m not sponsored by Cort. πŸ˜†)

Author: Syari

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