I have been a fan of the “choose your own ending” text-based games and romance novels for a long time. So this genre is just perfect for me. It is the only kind of game that won’t take me years to finish. Just like how I would read books right before bed, I would read a visual novel on the switch instead.

The first Visual novel game I tried on the switch is “Bustafellows”. It is a noir mystery crime busting visual novel. Here you will play as ‘Teuta’ or what ever name you choose to give the girl protagonist. I am not even sure if it can be considered a game because you get to make very few choices. Some chapters would go on without you having to make any choices at all in fact. Few but important choices that would determine which route you will take and which Love interest you would end up with.

What I like about this visual novel is that, there are many stories to unfold. Good endings, bad endings, and side stories as well. The character designs are nice as well in my opinion. My Love interests here are Shu and Limbo. The least being Scarecrow and Helvetica. I suppose because the characters of the first two guys I mentioned are not over the top. I also enjoy the good endings for sure.

Now what I do no like much about it is that the stories can be pretty dark. There would be some mention of ‘suicide’, ‘violence’ and ‘murder’. Heck it is after all a mystery crime novel after all, but I wasn’t expecting it to be a little disturbing to be honest. So I would usually go over the bad ending first and later go for the good ending to clean my system with more positive emotion.

All in all, I thoroughly enjoyed it and would definitely recommend to anyone getting into visual novels. Out of 5, I would give it a 4.5. 👌


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