Preply or iTalki

I have used both the learning platforms for learning 2 different languages for some months now. Preply for Mandarin and iTalki for Hungarian.

They are both online platforms for finding a personal tutor who can help you in your language learning journey. Both similar in a way that you can choose when you want to be tutored. I love the fact that it is very flexible and very convenient than finding someone locally.

What I think of iTalki:

Let’s start with the good parts. Easy to use website – It’s pretty standard and very easy to find what you need. The tutor of your choice may offer discount packages – you can opt to buy a package of few hours lessons that you can use anytime, instead of paying by the hour. This way you save a bit more.

There are quite many teachers to choose from and languages that you can learn. Even the not so popular languages. Like Javanese or Esperanto. They also offer an option for group lessons. So far they only have those for English, Japanese and Spanish. The teacher provides the level, the time and cost, and you can choose if you’d like to participate. It is much more of a group conversational practice I believe. There is also the ‘Community’ area where some tutors would share some language quizzes and you can try them out to test your knowledge.

So those are the good things about italki that I rather like.

Now, what I do not really like about the site is that you can only cancel or reschedule your classes within 24 hours. Well, I do think it is reasonable to give notice for the tutor to schedule something else in their lives, 🙂 but still I do not like it too much.

It seems pretty complicated to get a refund or transfer the credit to another teacher if you are not satisfied with the current one. Especially when you bought a discount package. If you cancel before you can use up all the credits from the package then you would have to pay in full the lessons that you had earlier. Which means that you will get less refund as they deduct that from the balance.

What I think of Preply:

Just like italki the website is also easy to navigate. I also like the concept that you can pay for monthly subscription of 1 to 5 hours a week. So monthly it will just charge you automatically and you will get the balance hours in your ‘wallet’ to schedule. I usually subscribe for 2 hours a week.

There are many teachers to choose from to learn. I think there are about 48-49 languages. Further, you not only can find tutors for languages but also for other things as well e.g. Python, Web design, Music , Maths and others.

Easy to transfer balance from on tutor to another, in case if you are not satisfied with the current teacher and you would to have a new tutor you can easily cancel and transfer the balance to book the time with another teacher. Which I had done a couple of times.

I like that you can cancel or reschedule up to 4 hours to the time of the lesson. I usually would tell the teacher at least a day before but there are sometimes unforeseeable things like when I was out and thought in the end that I may not be able to get back in time, it was really good that I could reschedule even then.

Now, what I don’t really like is the subscription option is not very flexible. I could not simply pause my subscription to a later date because I have an excess of monthly hours right now. When I would rather change the charging period to a later date till I can use up my hours, but I have to cancel my subscription instead and renew it later. Not a big deal, but it would have been better. 🙂

Preply or iTalki?

I would have to say Preply here. Though both websites are easy to use but Preply had never given me any problems which iTalki had when I just couldn’t enter the ‘classroom’ a few times. Until I used a different browser.

I feel that Preply gave me more flexibility – when I need to reschedule or when I needed to transfer the credits to another teacher.

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Hope this helps and thanks for reading!

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