BR:Choose to Change: It´s your life: 25 steps to self-discovery and peace of mind by Jacqui Penn

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I downloaded this book for free in March of this year on Amazon kindle. Finishing this book, I felt like its one of those self-help books that you read one you’ve read them all. Nothing new here that I’ve never read else where in other self-help books of its likeness. Despite that, I still like to read these sort of books no matter how many time I’ve come across the same advice or idea, simply as a reminder to myself. And as some people would say, sometimes it just takes one particular book that would click or resonate enough for you that would change your entire world. Like how some people would say the book “Think and Grow rich” had changed their lives or how “The alchemist” did that for them or as the book “The color Purple” did for Oprah Winfrey. They all teach about the same thing in different ways. Though I would not say this book gave me the ‘WOW’ effect or changed me inside out, but it did remind me of those life principles worth emulating.

The 25 points given are valid and the writing style is straight forward but a bit emotional. As someone else did point this out as well, that you can’t help feel like you are being lectured on.

I bet you’ve raised your eyebrows at some of the things I’ve suggested; be honest, I bet you have! But you know what? It doesn’t matter to my life whether you try my suggestions or not, but it does matter to yours. Actually, it does matter to me if you try my suggestions. I want you to know how good life can be, and if you don’t even try, I’ve wasted my time.

I haven’t raised my eyebrows till I read that though. 😀With good intentions perhaps but it did come out a bit emotional and strong. I am not sure many readers would be comfortable with such style. 

As a reminder of what is good for us, I still think it is worth to give the book a go. Though it would have been nicer if it was written in a less “pressuring” way. 



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