Another goal I’ve set for myself as one of the improvements I am making in my life, is to get rid of the digital clutter. It is as scary as getting rid of physical material and as confusing as I didn’t know where to start.  Hence the procrastination for so long.

Again, I am no Marie Kondo. I am just recording the journey of changes in my life. I am sure there are so many people who are very, very, super organize and some aren’t. I am sadly, currently in the latter category. But that is going to change. 👏

Action plan:

  1. collect everything to one place.
  2. Organize by type of files. Separate by year, month, day.
  3. Go through one folder at a time to see which are the duplicates, which are keepers and which aren’t.

Well doesn’t sound too difficult now does it? After hours of rearraging, sorting, deleting, enough to say that, I will be very cautious about what I keep and start a habit of purging the space on my phones and my computer everyday or weekly. My future self will thank me for that.

Digital clutter_2

I feel so much ‘zen’ now whenever I look at my computer. Like walking into a tidy and clean home. 💖

Author: Syari

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