Covid sucks

As soon as I got my home office and holiday approved, guess what came knocking on my door if not Covid. This is the second time I got sick with the virus. Friday, last day of work, Saturday morning left Budapest for Mosonmagyarovár, by Saturday evening I was already feeling pretty sick. Sunday morning, I took the self-test and voila! So the whole week I was spending in bed and in quarantine instead of going for walks and having a jolly good time. Now the entire family is infected – coughing, body-aches, and head-aches.

I think this has been the longest time I’ve been ill. Almost a week and I still feel muscle-aches, coughing and in the evenings I would feel some sore throat as well.

I’m just thankful that so far we are doing rather well. Just these mild symptoms and nothing much serious. Just the illness is rather prolonged as ordinary flu would usually last a few days for me. Never a week.

Covid is no joke for sure. Take care !!

Author: Syari

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