We bought a house

It’s amazing how things work sometimes. While I was missing in action here, things were happening in real life. 😀 We were just looking around to see what are the prices are these days for flats and the next thing we know, we were signing papers for a new house in a place we never heard of until last month. In a little village with less than 400 registered residents, located right at the border of Hungary and Austria. It is one hour to Vienna and about 45 mins to Bratislava, about an hour to Győr and 2 hours to Budapest. To think we were actually looking at flat prices in Sopron and not actually looking hard to buy something immediately. Looking at how quickly it all happened, a few days really, we actually asked ourselves if we did the right thing. 😆 Anyway, no regrets. Just a little shocked. 😃

Front of house

How we ended up buying it? It was at a good price and we just love it the moment we saw the pictures. And even more after we saw it in person. The thing is, it is actually a house with two parts. The story was that it was owned by two business partners. And once they split, they decided to split the house to become 2 flats. One part owning about 700sqm of the garden while the other part owns 1300sqm of the garden. We actually saw just one half of the house but decided we should get the other half as well. It would be a no deal if we couldn’t get the entire place. I just could not imagine to share a garden, if we are lucky we get a reasonable neighbor if not then we will have to suffer the entire time. And we were lucky enough that the other flat’s owners inherited the place recently and they wanted to sell so all three of them would get their inheritance money.

So I bought one half of the house and my other half bought the other half of the house.😆 His half comes with tenants – though the previous owners asked them to find else where to live within a month, we decided to let them continue the lease until next year when we are ready to start renovations. We not so enthusiastic about it really, but since they said it is hard to find a place around the area with that rental price within such a short period, we decided to just let them stay on and give them more time to look. Even if they leave earlier, that would still be fine for us. My half of the house is not livable yet although it is the best looking one of the two. 😆

Wind turbines

And here is another reason, at least for me, as to why I like the place. I love the wind turbines that are near by. 🙂 I guess because we don’t have any in Budapest? Or simply they are majestic looking and mesmerizing as the blades go round and round? I don’t know. But I do like them indeed.

We will only start to get it renovated in Spring next year as we are too busy this year and we need time to find the right people to do it for us. It’s all so exciting really, and I am feeling blessed.

Till next time… Thanks for reading. 🙂

Author: Syari

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