Farewell Kiki

Our little bunny breathed his last on the 22nd of June 2021. He was short by a few months to his 7th birthday. For a lop-eared dwarf bunny, I read that 7-9 years is the average lifespan. So he was almost a senior in human age.

Since we are living in an apartment building with shared garden, we decided to bury him at our weekend house in Gรถdรถllล‘. We think he liked the place as we let him roam around a bit there. He had more space and was outside more there.

Kiki’s resting place

He was family to us, and I believe to him we were the world. I don’t think we were the best owners but I hope we had given him somewhat not too bad a life.

As we are a small family and having had a few family members passed away last year, this lost is really felt. I just hope, where ever he is now, he is happy.

Author: Syari

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